Hi there, I am LiaKia

Welcome to selfcarestacking.com.

 I am in my 40s, and I am a everyday working mom. I didn't win a genetic lottery but still want to live my best possible level of life. I began to do my self-care stacking consciously in my mid 30s. It is not easy, I just get better, and see lots of positive changes physically and mentally in my life. 

Please visit my Blog to see why and how I built my self-care stacking routines. I hope I can inspire you, just like many women out there who have inspired me. 



Regardless of our age, race, profession, and location, women would like to live the best possible level of ourselves. Stacking self-care is just like stacking blocks from the bottom. Foremost, stacking self-care starts from a mental change, the an action will follow. 


I receive no sponsorship money in the creation of this blog. As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases from the affiliate links without adding any additional cost to you.  All  opinions  were  based  on  my personal  experience.